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1. How large an area does Escapade need and do they need a stage?
Escapade requires a stage measuring 16 feet deep and 30 feet across. A platform of the proper size can be achieved using (10) 6' x 8' risers.

2. What are the electrical and safety requirements for Escapade?
With our full compliment of stage lighting, Escapade requires 4 separate 110 volt circuits, each on a dedictaed 20 Amp breaker, or a distribution box that delivers the same. This electrical power must be available at the stage.

3. Will you play a special request even if it's not on the song list?
Absolutely! We will perform any song that has special meaning for you, even if we have to learn it. However, we can only learn one new song per client. But just because it's not on our list, doesn't mean we don't know it. So, ask us!

4. How many breaks do you take and for how long?
Escapade will help you develop an itinerary that works with your program. In most cases we take a 20 - 25 minute break during the main course and then a 10 - 15 minute break sometime before the last hour. Most importantly, we make sure the flow of your party is not interrupted by poorly timed breaks.

5. Do you provide music when you are on break and can I choose it?
Escapade plays pre mixed selections of music when we're on breaks. We carry a complete menu of music for that purpose. We will also gladly play a tape or CD of your own creation on breaks.

6. How far in advance should I book Escapade?
As soon as you're sure. We will be performing at only one event on a particular evening. In most cases our schedule is booked 6 months to a year in advance.

7. How much control do I have over your repertoire?
Escapade is as much a show as a dance band. We have a set repertoire that we know works best. However there are many more songs on our song list than could be played in one night and we welcome your feedback on the type of evening you want to present. Let us know your preferences from our songlist and we will use your selection as a guide.