Which package for your event?

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Escapade (10 piece)

Escapade Music is an entertainment production company made up of some of the most talented and accomplished performers, producers, and technicians in the country. We are not a booking agency. As a part of TalkingTree Productions, a full service theatrical production company specializing in business communications and special events, Escapade Music has an expertise in presenting entertainment like no others.

Bash (6 piece)

Take the front line performers from Escapade and put them with a smaller group that includes electronic musicians and synthesis and you get a very powerful package called "Bash". This is NOT Escapade light! The sound is BIG and the performers are on fire. We just fit in a smaller space and cost less too.

StoryTeller Multimedia Show

StoryTeller combines live music with beautifully displayed photos and video to tell your story and further personalize your special day. We incorporate a multimedia projection screen (20 feet wide) with custom content which we produce prior to your event and syncronize the visuals with your special songs. Later in the evening the screen displays amazing light patterns and video footage as our VJ ties it all together to give your guests a club experience second to none.